The Dinner Plate of Hobart, NY 13788

Takeout Menu for Dec 2021 to Jan 2022:

~ ******Dine In or Takeout and Delivery ***** ~
the full pizza menu is available Thursday_ Sunday after 4pm..Our Regular Dinner Menu is downsized.. call for more details ..Beer and wine is available for takeout also..Delivery is $6.00 within a 5 mile radius call for more details ***** We are opened for indoor dining !!capacity..Please make a reservation....

~ ****new hours****help wanted **** ~
Wed 4pm- 8pm....Fri -Sat 4-9pm Sun..4-7pm...Dinner Menu...Pizza is Thurs-Sunday only We are looking for a waitress or waiter.Call for details

~ *****We will Be moving***** ~
Our landlord wants another Bookstore.So he has been spreading rumors about us In order to detract from Us making a living .Basically to force us Out ,we spoke to him about this and he started a verbal fight we called New York State police .He has Been barred from the building.We have asked him to procure an order of eviction.We will stay at this location until the court say's we must Move.He is being treated the same way he treated Us.after 5 years of being in this location.We have had Enough of his B.S...We expect to be here until at least until ??? 2022 .... Part 2.....the Saga continues .....Our Landlord is Spreading rumors again that we Have not paid Rent,Paid electric bills or even Heating bill. ..This is all False .He is a Liar..!!! Come in we will show you Our bills are Paid...Period. This person Is a...P.O.S... (Perpetrator Of Scams) We will not disclose the name of this person But If you know who it is....Stay Clear ,Buyer Beware ,Believe only what you see first Hand... Don't trust this Person.and For god sake don't do Business with this Horrible Person....Part3 The Building Inspector has did an inspection .Stay tuned for the details.Landlord Still not doing Repairs as Instructed ..Some repairs are started But Nothing is finished Our Front Dining Area is still A mess for over a Month and a 1/2 ...Can You say Slumlord.!!

~ Update on New Location 36 main st stamford ~
we Are in Need of a Real Sheetrock Man,Must be RELIABLE .We have about a week of work maybe more for the Wright person.Will pay in cash..Contact Sam after 4pm at 607 538 3003 Dinner Plate Phone ,leave a message if you call Earlier then 4pm

'' WE ARE STILL OPENED UNTIL " See Our Ad weekly in The County Shopper ...Remember Just because someone puts Information On Social Media, That doesn't make it True....When In doubt..Check it out !!!

~ ~ **** GO FUND ME**** ~
a Customer setup a Go Fund Me Page for Us at For Our Story.
The Dinner Plate of Hobart
Bar now open!
645 Main Street, Hobart, NY

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Wednesday - 4pm-8pm
Thursday ~ 4pm-8pm
Friday ~ 4pm-9pm
Saturday ~ 4pm-9pm
Sunday ~ 4-7pm
Mon-Tue ~ Closed
Bar opens 3pm Tue-Fri, 12pm Sat-Sun

Reservations Suggested

Now serving pizza, Thursday through Sunday
(Ron is back from Leo's, making the pies for us)

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